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“I’ve been blown away by what God does at JHA how He restores and heals family relationships. What a privilege to witness this happening in people’s lives!”


While I’ve been serving at JHA, a great weight/ a dark cloud over me has gone. For the first time I feel free, I’ve been healed. I have hope!!  God has given me a new passion for Him and a passion to serve and encourage others.”

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“I’ve grown hugely in my love for and trust in God this week, and my desire to serve God has deepened so much. So cool to be part of such an amazing team of people”

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“It’s been such a great opportunity to get away from work and do something, that’s challenging and fun but not all about me!! 

I’ve got so much closer to God this week.”

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“My family relationships have been healed and restored through my time serving as a volunteer at JHA. 
My time at JHA has planted new dreams and new life in me.”

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“When I came to JHA to volunteer I knew I probably would be working quite hard, but I had no idea how much God would pour His love, His grace and His rest into me while I was at JHA. I have come away refreshed and exhilarated and newly surrendered to Him!!”