Why not treat yourself to some 'time out' together to invest in the most important relationship in your life?

Join us next year for the perfect getaway and investment into your marriage.  

A JH Aotearoa Marriage Getaway is designed to allow you to get away and enjoy the atmosphere of a luxury retreat and have uninterrupted time together, no children, no work, no phones. Just time together to interact and discuss important things that you never normally have time for.

Getaway Dates and Location

2018 TBC

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This JH Aotearoa Husband & Wife Getaway has been crafted to be the perfect balance between rest and adventure. Each day, you will participate in activities and sessions where you will receive tools that will help you to enhance your communication, regulate conflict and grow closer in intimacy together and develop a deeper understanding of God’s design for “oneness” in your marriage.  For most of the afternoons, there is some free time for you and your spouse to do as you please; explore your surroundings, enjoy a treatment at the Spa, go white water rafting or mountain biking, or just take a nap, it's up to you. There is also one session during the weekend where you will be encouraged to participate in an adventure activity with everyone. Dinning experiences vary each evening and can range from a romantic dinner for just you and your spouse to a sprawling buffet served for the group to enjoy.


All of the sessions are designed to include you and your spouse in the experience of enhancing and strengthening your marriage. This is your opportunity to invest in one another. Our facilitators are experienced in sharing their insights and content without making you feel like you are being "talked at". There are opportunities for you to discuss questions alone as a couple, and to participate in group discussion if you wish. There are also some simple practical activities that will give added insight into the content that is being shared.


Everything we do at JH Aotearoa is intended to bring you closer to your spouse and closer to God. The activities in the programme will have elements that are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.