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JH Aotearoa  is a Parent & Child Christian Adventure Experience

It is a six-day purpose driven and action packed programme, designed for teenage and young adult children.

The content is taught primarily through the challenges of practical experiences in the great outdoors. 

As you soar on a giant swing, or paddle a waka over the lake, abseil a rock face, white water raft the Kaituna River, or mountain bike through the Redwoods, you’ll be experiencing a program that is adventure-based and content-driven. Utilizing the power of experiential learning, you and your child will learn biblical principles and life skills through the adventures you go through together.

Fun, excitement, and friendship are what you find at JH but what you take home is often a deeper understanding of life purpose and personal values, and an increased understanding, appreciation and respect for one another as parent and child.

“I heard and I forgot.  I saw and I remembered.     
I did and I understood.”   



JH Aotearoa is an investment in the future of your child and family.

It is an investment in strengthening and deepening your relationship with your son or daughter through the teenage years and beyond.  The shared challenges and adventures of JH Aotearoa are ingredients that can develop and build strong and lasting relationships.  With this dedicated time and place set aside, you will build on your communication and relationship with your child, through a process that you will both enjoy! 

It is an investment into equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to parent your child well, as you navigate the challenging teenage years. 

While your child mixes with other teens and receives content on teen related topics like dating relationships and technology, you’ll receive practical and inspiring advice and tips on parenting teenagers and young adults. 

It is also an investment in your child’s future well-being. Many parents find that a JH Aotearoa Experience is an investment into developing positive and healthy, relationships, beliefs and behaviours in your child as well as an opportunity to intentionally pass your values and/or faith onto your child in a fun and undistracted environment. 


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Here are some direct quotes from JH Aotearoa guests over the years.

Freq. Asked Questions:

Q: What is the price to attend JH Aotearoa? 

A: $2250.00 is the full cost for both the parent and their teen to attend JH Aotearoa.  We have an early bird discount price of $2050.00 which closes at the end of August.  We understand that while this investment may be a challenge for many New Zealand families, a number of generous supporters have established a scholarship fund to ensure that more families can be a part of the transformational experience of JH Aotearoa. 

Q: Can I come with more than one child or more than one parent?

A: JH Aotearoa is specifically designed for one parent and one child to spend the week together. We do sometimes have two parents who come with a child each but it is a one to one ratio and they stay with the same child throughout the week.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

A: This is a Christian programme but not just for Christians. Everyone is welcome. The programme is full of practical content useful for everyday life, based on Biblical values. Every year we have a large mix of guests from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Q: Where will we be staying?

A:  JH Aotearoa is based at Tui Ridge Adventure Park, which is just north of Rotorua. You will be staying in standard New Zealand Camp accommodation, in either smaller or larger cabins.

Q: How old do you have to be to attend JH Aotearoa? 

A: It is designed for the teenage years. Most participants would be between the ages of 13-20 years of age. However, many young people in their early 20’s and even into their 30’s come to participate with one of their parents.

Q: I’m interested in attending JH Aotearoa, but I’m not sure I want to do some of the adventure activities listed.  

A: Our policy is “Challenged by Choice.”  There are several wonderful outdoor activities in the programme that are not high adrenaline that you will enjoy, and you are free to choose your own level of participation in the high adrenaline adventure activities. Every year we have some participants who either because of health reasons or personal choice, do not participate in adventure activities; they have come away from their JHA experience still highly recommending the programme even though their participation in the adventure activities was limited.