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JH Aotearoa is a six day purpose driven program for Parents and their teenage children designed to equip parents with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to effectively build the qualities of adulthood into the lives of their sons and daughters.

Our motto at JH is: “I heard and I forgot. I saw and I remembered. I did and I understood.” 

This means that the content from our experience is taught primarily through the challenges of practical

adventure in the great outdoors that then brings life application and opportunities for fresh communication.

JH Aotearoa is a Christian programme, but not just for Christians, everyone is welcome.

During an incredible time together that includes adventure, challenge and fun, issues faced by teenagers and their parents are addressed through the course of the programme.

“I heard and I forgot.  I saw and I remembered.     
I did and I understood.”   

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“I would love to see all parents in New Zealand have such an experience with their children.” 

Michael Jones  |  Father & Daughter
Former All Black

“This event was world class! I had high hopes and it Blew all my expectations out of the water!”

Christopher Luxon  |  Father & Son



Did you know that one of the greatest fears of parents today is that they will never pass down their values to their children?

The programme covers such things as Discovering Your Life Purpose, Digital Technology in today’s world, Family Values, Relationships and Dating, Personal Standards, all underpinned by an emphasis on loving others and loving God.

Three outcomes of the programme are:

BONDING: Shared goals, challenges and adventures are often the ingredients needed to build strong and lasting relationships.

COMMUNICATION: The degree of influence parents will have on their children is directly proportional to the level of communication they have been able to establish with their children. By taking part in a variety of shared challenges, projects and achievements, communication is strengthend and ultimately relationships are enhanced.

UNDERSTANDING:  Fun, adventure and friendship are what you find at JH but what you take home is, a deeper understanding of your child, a strengthened relationship with them, and practical wisdom for parenting during the teenage years and beyond.

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